About me

I am Haroon Ahmad. I have masters degree in Computer Science. I have experience of working with a wide variety of development tools and platforms. I master a few such skills, which I am pretty sure, make me stand out from the crowd :)

I am a ghost entrepreneur :) …. yeah! you never know what I am cookin…

It will get a long list  if I start writing my accolades :P but a few things I can do and have successfully done are,

  • Internet and Telephonic Marketing,
  • Search Engine Optimization and PPC Schemes Management
  • Programming complex and sophisticated web applications including ERP, CMS, Accounts and Financial Softwares, Clicks Tracker for efficient marketing compaigns, XML based applications, Distributed Data Transfer Programming.
  • Planning, analysis and implementation of advanced internet applications and ideas
  • Research on users/site visitors’ behaviors and trends to plan effective marketing strategies.
  • Cloud Computing
  • Games Development
  • Graphic Designing for web and print media
  • Contents Writing, Data Collection and International Business Development
  • Joint Ventures Planning and Products Launchings
  • Website Security Auditing against XSS and other Hacking attacks
  • Database Application Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Publications on programming and technology
  • Valueable contributions on famous programming forums
  • Writing prose and poetry, even some political views and reviews (you name it, I have done it lol)

I am proud of

  • my family
  • ability to brain storm creative ideas
  • tireless hardworking capacity
  • sharpness to understand market trends

A few good things I developed,

  • complete ERP solution which is different from your typical unnecessarily heavy ERP. It is to the point, get your work done with a sophisticated manner
  • Clicks and Leads Tracking Software
  • Content Management System with which you can put a new website online just with  a few clicks and which itself comes with a one simple step installation process.
  • Handy scripts and tools for Linux Server Management on hosting servers which use Plesk, Cpanel and WHM to do things quickly for example to quickly move your sites from one webhost to another on cpanel.
  • My own MFC development Framework which is again different because it excludes the unnecessary fuss of typical heavy MFC frameworks. (I believe that most of the softwares are unnecessarily complex and features-packed. Most of the users want to get things done in a simple and quick way for which they do not have to google tutorials for a few weeks to get started. That is why I alwas thrived to make things simpler and cleaner)
  • Amazon S3 backup software which efficiently and automatically backs up your all websites from your dedicated Linux servers to Amazon servers periodically. It is packed with nice features like  restoring backups and deleteing old backups to free unnecessarily used resources.
  • Some online payment tools which make life easy when it comes to secure online payments specially for Paypal and 2CO.



“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter”




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